Monday, February 8, 2010

To Market To Market...

What happened to the weekend? I went on a fantastic trip to the antique and collectible show. What did I buy? Not a lot. I know, you're wondering what could have stopped me from going on a once a month buying spree? It isn't that I did not buy, I bought plenty, however, I was very particular in my purchases. I know some people do not like the old fashioned things, but let's take a little trip and examine why people used the things they used and then see if your opinion changes.

The first purchase was a very unique glass dish. We all have these trinket dishes. Most of them were our mother's or grandmother's. They sit patiently waiting in the recesses of the kitchen cabinet, longing to see the light of day. Hoping for a moment of sunlight to illuminate the glass and release its beauty. Yet, we have no use for them...or do we?

The small glass dish can have a multitude of uses. For instance, the glass dish can be used for its original purpose, to hold candy, celery, or nuts. Have you ever lost a ring, misplaced your keys, or cracked the crystal of a watch when it dropped off the chest of drawers? Enter the dish. I keep several of these dishes around the house to hold those frequently misplaced items. The one in the kitchen island is useful for rings and my watch when I am cooking. This avoids dough in rings, water in a watch, or any number of calamities that can befall jewelry in the kitchen. Hence, no watches have been harmed by the garbage disposal since the last incident which resulted in a new garbage disposal. I keep one dish on the credenza by the front door, my keys are always in a convenient spot this way. I also keep a small dish on the bedside table. I know, your thinking, "Just put the ring in the jewelry box!" Yet, their is all to frequently the evening I get in bed and realize I am still wearing my watch or ring. On a cold winter evening, nobody wants to get out of the warm bed to negotiate such a situation, "Viola!" the dish will save the day and the watch will be safely tucked away.

There were other purchases as well this weekend. I bought a table runner and a a set of dresser scarves. Why purchase these items, what is the point, why have them. The answer is quite simple, less dusting. When you place a dresser scarf on the furniture, it is there to catch spills, dust, and most importantly, prevent the furniture from being scratched. Normally, these sets come with one longer runner and two smaller complimentary pieces. You can use the longer runner under a jewelry box, cosmetic set, or other items. In general, the smaller linens can be used under dresser lamps. As I said, it prevents nicks and scratches on the furniture, but it also eliminates surface areas that need to be dusted. The table runner has the same purpose for the dinning room table, to protect the surface of the table.When you place a centerpiece on the table, you want to use a table runner to prevent the finish of the table from being marred.

I found some great buys on these items which are not only decorative, but serve a great purpose. In a later post I will discuss care of these items.

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