Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Drives Me Crazy...There's A Solution

So, I really like things to be nice, neat, and under control. Which leads me to a tip. I absolutely hate making the bed in the morning. Since it has been beyond cold, I have added an extra blanket. One could simply say, toss the the blanket over the bed and make it look like the bed is already made. However, there in is the issue it isn't made; never fear a simple way to make the bed is near!

Start by taking four cloth diaper pins, these can be purchased in any baby department. Next, remove the comforter and tuck in the sheets as normal (it does not have to be hospital corners for those of you not as picky as others.) Now here is the trick, pin the comforter to the four corners of the top sheet using the cloth diaper pins. I will advise you, don’t use a regular safety pin as they will magically come unhooked. Ouch! The cloth diapers pins have a safety lactch that keeps them fastened. This keeps the pins in line with the comforter. Simply toss the comforter, and the bed is truly made. The only problem I have had with this system is the fact that my dog frequently tries to have nibble on the pins when she can get to them. I guess she is just stuck on them.

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