Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Mushroom Pate - - - No chickens died in the making of this dish!

It's a warm summer day, a friend calls and invites you and the family over for a cookout tonight, how charming you think and accept the invitation. However, you realize you should probably take something for the meal. You hate to cook; in fact after 17 years of marriage, you still have the pots and pans you received from Aunt Gert as a wedding gift sitting in the box buried in the hallway closet. So what is a simple recipe that you can enjoy? Mushroom Pate!
Sounds Odd, yes, looks even odder, of course, but it is out of this world!
This is a recipe that a friend gave me many years ago. I have added and deleted items; yet, it always turns out incredible. So here's the plan.
Start with mushrooms, you know the ones in the produce section, little white button style. Wash them and lightly pat dry. Then slice them. As you slice, put a skillet on the stove and let it begin to warm with 2 tablespoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Add mushrooms to the skillet as you slice them and let them sautee. Next, dice the onion, and you guessed it, add to the mushrooms. These should simmer together for 5 minutes. Open a can of black olives. Drain out 1/2 of the brine, add the rest along with the olives to the mushroom and onion mixture. Let the liquid begin to reduce and then put in 1/3 cup white wine. Add a few dashes of basil, parsley, and garlic. Cook until liquid is reduced. I know, difficult so far. Transfer medley to a blender or food processors to puree. This is the hardest part if you use a blender. Once blended you have a gray colored dip. Simply add to a mold and turn out to display elegantly or you can top with freshly shredded Smoked Swiss and place under the broiler until browned. Serve with toast points, crackers, or your favorite crunchy snack!

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