Thursday, June 24, 2010

Flashback Party

As summer is getting into full swing, entertainment is flourishing. Backyard cookouts are the order of the day, but how do you make your gathering stand out? BBQ Chicken or maybe corn roasted on the grill would set your party apart. So what do you do? Here are two ideas to help make you shine in front of your guest.
Plan One- Simple enough, have a television themed party. I know what you are thinking, cook and watch television, where is the fun in that? Actually, you make it retro. Use an online movie service to rent a classic television show. You will want to theme the menu for the event around the television show. For example, you could watch Barnaby Jones, the first episode in season one, shows that the great detective loves milk and ribs. So serve up some ribs with milk and homemade cookies for dessert. You could also create a great meal based on Wonder Woman, with Paradise Island Fruit Salad (a nod to Diana Prince’s homeland)…. However you decide to do it, it is an extraordinary opportunity to flashback to the great by gone days of television, image The Facts of Life with Toottie Fruiti desert and Polniaczek Pierogies (for those fans of Jo).
Plan Two- You can have Drive-In Movie night to entertain the masses. This is a great theme idea that is sure to please. First acquire a movie projector. I found mine at a local department store for less than $75. Use the sde of the house, a fence panel, or even a whit sheet hanging from the clothesline. Decide on a movie which is family friendly, remember you are turning the backyard into a movie theatre, don’t have a movie with a lot of swearing, as the neighbors will not approve. Theme the meal to coordinate with a drive in menu, hamburgers, hotdogs, chips, even an assortment of candy bars and other candies for dessert. Don’t forget the popcorn for an appetizer.
Below are some ideas for television shows and movies… Share your ideas and menus with others when you host your flashback party.

Classic Television Ideas (In no particular order)
1. Wonder Woman
2. Barnaby Jones
3. Hawaii Five-O (which returns to television this fall)
4. I Love Lucy
5. My Three Sons
6. Mister Ed
7. Mary Tyler Moore Show
8. The Munsters
9. Gilligan’s Island
10. Charlie’s Angels
Movie Ideas (Friendly for all ages- In no particular order)
1. Watcher in the Woods
2. North Avenue Irregulars
3. The Trouble with Angles
4. The Ghost and Minster Chicken
5. The Great Muppet Caper
6. Desk Set
7. Bell, Book, and Candle
8. Seems Like Old Times
9. Arsenic and Old Lace
10. Harvey


  1. You forgot Dark Shadows! What a great theme party that would be! Guess Who???