Monday, September 29, 2014

The leaves are starting to change. Last Saturday night I was delighted to share a great meal in Charlotte with friends. We dined out as the weather was cool enough. Fall, I was excited to see Mother Nature appear in her most beautiful finery. Scarlet, crimson, gold, and pea green fill our heart with memories of childhood trick or treating, visits to the fair, and Thanksgiving with our beloved grandparents. I get excited by fall. It is fun and it gives us a time to slow down before the holiday rush...well, one might think.

We all know about Spring cleaning, but it is just as important to have a great session of Fall cleaning. I know, it is exhausting, but this will help prepare you for the upcoming holiday rush. What should you do? Follow these quick tips to get you set.

1. Straighten up your kitchen cabinets. This may seem simple or if you're like me, it can be arduous; however, it is well worth the work. Get rid of mismatched pots and lids, assess your bakeware, and tidy up your organization. As turkey time approaches, this clean up can only help you get ready for a festive and enjoyable holiday season. Make sure you inventory staples for that Thanksgiving never want to find you have no vanilla extract when preparing that sweet potato casserole.
2. Double check the linen situation. Once again this goes back to the holiday season, be prepared for company and overnight guest. During the season, you never know when one of your siblings may stay for a weekend, friends may stop by from out of town, or you could become the family's Marriott. Either way, making sure you have fresh towels is important. Equally important is the bedding. Make sure fluffy hasn't nibbled on the sheets or pillow cases. Change out the linens on unused beds. Finally, how are you for placemates and tableclothes? These exciting pieces are an important part of any holiday look and should not be ignored. If you are currently without table linens, begin your collection at a local antique store. Nothing adds dignity to your dining table like fine linens and cloth napkins!
3. Deep Dustin'.... This is a must. During the summer you brought a ton of material in from the lawn. Exciting, huh? As if that was not enough, your pets have gone through a shedding cycle, you brought some delightful mud in from a trip to the mailbox in the rain. All of the material has gone airborn and has been landing in great places. Hit all the important spots as you dust, table tops are just the beginning. Don't forget to check the legs and sides of furniture, lower side of furniture detailing ( spiders love to build webs on these), and picture frames and light fixtures.

You can continue to clean in your normal way, but just remember these tips before the Wednesday before turkey day!

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